Deciding to end a marriage is painful, but with the right lawyer, the divorce process does not have to be made even worse. When divorce is approached as a collaborative process involving negotiation and mediation, the couple can often resolve their issues in a civil manner.

At the law office of Wilson Stephens Swafford Law PLLC, we strive to help clients get through the divorce process in a way that does not increase hostility between the parties. We represent clients in mediation, negotiation, and when necessary, at trial. You can rely on attorneys Wilson, Stephens, and Swafford’s experience with divorce and high-asset family law cases, including appraising and dividing businesses. Their education and experience provide valuable insight during high net worth property division.

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Property Division And Spousal Support

Oklahoma is an equitable division state, which means that marital property is divided fairly, not necessarily equally. We will accurately value your assets and then work toward a property settlement agreement. Our goal is to get clients what they need to move forward. We want both parties to have a functional family that can be financially stable after the divorce is finalized.

It is possible that one party will pay spousal support/alimony if the other party cannot support himself or herself. The court considers the financial need of each person versus the ability to pay support. We will assess your situation and discuss how the statute will apply to you. Whether you are paying or receiving support, we will argue for your needs.

In some cases, women are concerned about supporting themselves after divorce. Stay-at-home moms and women who worked part-time may need spousal support to provide for themselves and their children. We have experience representing clients with these concerns.

Legal Separation

For people who wish to live apart without getting a divorce, we can draft a legal separation. Your marital assets will be divided and there will be a child custody and support plan, but you will not be divorced.

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