Going through a divorce is an emotional, stressful experience. During this time, the last thing you need is a lawyer who causes additional stress. Your attorney should be your legal advocate as well as someone who cares about you as a person. You want an attorney who understands that the outcome of your case will affect the rest of your life.

Attorneys Allison J. Wilson,  Lucas R. Stephens, and Thomas A. Swafford treat their clients like people, not just another case. They understand that your family law matter may be the most important — and difficult — experience of your life. You can rely on them for knowledgeable, compassionate representation. They provide responsive, personal service, keeping clients updated and making a point to return calls the same day.

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Oklahoma Family Law And Estate Planning

Because every case is unique, we will customize a divorce and/or child custody plan for you and your family. We partner with clients, working closely together throughout the case so we have a thorough understanding of each person’s legal needs.

We work hard to move divorce cases along efficiently, so you can move forward with your life. If we do not hear from the Opposing Party in a timely manner, we reach out to get the information we need.

Most family law cases are best resolved through negotiation or mediation. However, when necessary, we do take divorce and custody cases to trial. Your rights will be protected whether we reach an agreement out of court or go to trial.

In addition to family law, we provide estate planning and probate to help families plan for their future and close a loved one’s estate. We understand that these can be challenging issues, but we strive to make the processes as smooth as possible.

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